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Timeshare Scams, Tricks and Treats October 31, 2012

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In recent News many articles have focused on Timeshare scams. It’s hard to know who to trust and it’s even harder to keep up with the new schemes that people are using to defraud timeshare owners. BuyATimeshare.com is here to help you avoid the tricks with a few tips you can use to avoid the latest timeshare scams.

Claims to Have a Buyer:

People should always be wary of companies that claim to have a buyer for your timeshare. In Boca Raton, a timeshare scam involved bilking $2.6million from timeshare owners throughout North America. Accused of conspiring to commit mail and wire fraud, 5 individuals were accused and arrested. Each charge brings a maximum of 20 years in prison

The accused allegedly contacted owners and claimed that their company had buyers waiting or was going to buy the timeshare themselves. Victims were told that the closing would take place in a few weeks. The victims would only have to pay over $3,000 to complete the process. Once victims mailed a check to National Timeshare Liquidators in Boca Raton, nothing happened.

TIP: To avoid these types of scam, the first thing to know is that no one can sell what is not yet for sale. If anyone claims that they have a buyer or are willing to buy your timeshare, be wary of any fees to complete the sale. If you are selling a timeshare you should not have to pay any closing costs.

At BuyATimeshare.com we are committed to educating consumers about the various timeshare scams. If you are interested in selling off your unused or unwanted vacation property, we have a treat for you. In addition to affordable advertising fees, our customer service staff is here to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Claims to be from Attorney General’s Office:

Other schemes involve companies pretending to be from the Attorney General’s Office. The scammers will feign their authority by claiming that they are from a Timeshare Advocacy Company. They entice their victims by stating they can get restitution for any moneys lost to resale companies or even the resort itself.

A Boynton Beach woman has been accused of this exact scheme. Tampa Police arrested a 30-year old woman for defrauding 72 people across North America in a timeshare restitution scam. Josphine Walker was arrested on charges of grand theft and money laundering. Claiming she was working with the Attorney General’s Office, this scam charged fees upwards of $400 to $4000 saying that the fee was for court and filing costs. After promising to repay victims from a non-existent “state restitution fund,” the companies were never heard from again.

TIP: They Attorney General’s Office does not actively contact timeshare owners. They certainly do not charge money for restitution. If you have been contacted by someone claiming to be from a Timeshare Advocacy Bureau and asking for money upfront, be skeptical of these claims. Get the salesperson’s contact information and/or call your states Attorney General’s Office to see if they are in fact connected to any timeshare advocacy companies. If they do not give your their contact information, that should be a red flag.

Timeshare scams have become more prevalent online, in the mail and over the phone. It is important that owners beware of anything that sounds too-good-to-be-true. Make sure that you take your time in researching any company who asks for money upfront. At BuyATimeshare.com, we create custom ‘timeshare marketing and advertising programs’ for each one of our customers. We tailor a marketing plan that is specific to our customers’ needs. Market your timeshare on top of all major search engines without the tricks or timeshare scams. For more info on how you can get your timeshare sold on the resale market, contact us today at 800-882-0296.

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