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Timeshare Scam | TRN Under Investigation November 6, 2012

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Another Timeshare Scam Company is Under Investigation

timeshare scam

Following the timeshare scam world can get tiring. It seems like not one day goes by without hearing about another timeshare scam company and taking lots of people for lots of cash. The latest timeshare scam has me cringing. They have a catchy name. Timeshare Refund Network.

That is the latest name in cold calling timeshare scams. They call you, and since they already have most of your member information, they tell you that your case is a valid claim. They then will attempt to gain more of your contact info, and set a date for their ‘legal advisor’ to call you back. As most of you know, but apparently not enough, that cold callers are never a good sign. Always be cautious of a timeshare scam. If you fill out a form or web form for more info, take a note of who you are contacting. If it isn’t them calling you back, then you have to wonder why they are calling.

So who is Timeshare Refund Network. Well their website was created in the beginning of August of 2012, yet their website claims they have been building their firm and helping folks get their time share money back for over four years. Now this company is based out of Spain in the Canary Islands and is currently being investigated for timeshare scam by a Spanish Consumer Agency. Since they are cold calling and have most of the details about you already, this raises some flags, being that there is no legal way of obtaining all of that information thanks to the Data Protection Act.

Cold calling folks and starting claims against their resort will usually just end up with you paying to file the claim, and maybe paying for other services. This can get costly fast. So always be on the lookout for a timeshare scam or fraud. If you or anyone you know is ever cold called about your timeshare, please let us know at Buy A Timeshare.com. Or do the research online, check who owns the website. Get the names and license numbers of everyone you talk to. Verify their info, make sure they are not lying to you. Check their rankings online, protect yourself.

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