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3 Ways BuyATimeshare.com Customer Service has Increased Customer Loyalty February 5, 2013

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In an effort to make owning a timeshare convenient and fun again, BuyATimeshare.com customer service has made buying and selling a timeshare easy and convenient. The result? Customer loyalty has increased by 66% from the previous year.

“We have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in years, while continuing to increase traffic from buyers and renters to our advertisers”

“It’s our company’s focus on the customer that has set us apart from the competition,” said Wesley Kogelman, President and CEO of BuyATimeshare.com. “We have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in years. While continuing to increase traffic from buyers and renters, we are proud to report that customer loyalty has increased by 66%.”

Customer Service—providing a higher level of care to its consumers, BuyATimeshare.com remains the leading internet advertising and marketing company. Along with increasing the number of customer service representatives that reach out to customers on a daily basis, BuyATimeshare.com has rolled out its Online User Account to increase customer engagement.

Online User Account—BuyATimeshare.com is one of the only timeshare resale companies to provide its customers with a way to access their ads, manage offers, view analytics and ask questions, all from their PC or mobile device. For timeshare buyers and renters, BuyATimeshare.com’s own Timeshare Pulse program has helped keep users informed.

Timeshare Pulse—strengthening the customer base of Buy A Timeshare.com, Timeshare Pulse allows the consumer to get the information they need without having to return to the website and conduct the same searches over and over again. This innovative program alerts the user whenever a timeshare is available at a specific resort, during a certain week, or for a price range of their choice.

“Reaching out to current customers has helped our staff answer any questions or concerns they might have,” Kogelman explains. “By making our staff more accessible both online and off, and we can provide the kind of innovative, customer-oriented experience that BuyATimeshare.com is known for.” The company has also announced that Wesley Kogelman will be attending the 3rd Annual GNEX conference, February 3-6, 2013, in Beverly Hills, California.

BuyATimeshare.com has pioneered the secondary timeshare market for internet advertising that helps match owners who seek to sell or rent their timeshare. How was your timeshare resale experience? For more information on how sell a timeshare from the convenience of home, please visit http://www.buyATimeshare.com or call 1-800-882-0296 today.

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