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DAE is one of the most innovative, friendly and customer focused timeshare exchange systems available. Whether a member is a traditional ‘weeks’ timeshare owner, a ‘points’ owner or a ‘credits’ club member, DAE believes that exchanging ones timeshare should be easy. DAE’s free membership allows owners to book an exchange through its simple online system twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Through this simple online system, a traditional timeshare owner can quickly and easily deposit their week straight into DAE’s exchange pool. While points or credits members, simply use their points to book and confirm a week with their home or club resort and then bank that week into the DAE exchange pool with no banking fees.

Members receive a weeks’ credit for every week they deposit into the exchange. What happens after that is entirely up to the member. They can choose to book a vacation straight away, or save weeks up to create one, long vacation. Once a week is deposited, members have three years to make an exchange and there are no exchange fees until the exchange is confirmed.

Through free membership with DAE, members have access to DAE’s online reservations system. There members can search availability, browse resorts and see all possible destination options. Additionally, members also have access to bonus rental weeks at discounted prices and travel services to streamline the vacation planning process. members even have the option to put a week “on hold” while they work out finances and travel plans or if for some reason, a member cannot locate an available week on-line that suits their travel dates, they are able to fill out a request form and DAE will begin looking for the requested exchange holiday.

With excellent customer service, worldwide vacation options and free membership that comes with low exchange fees, discounted bonus rentals, and 24/7 online availability, there is no other exchange service quite like Dial An Exchange.

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