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Hilton timeshare operator Hilton Grand Vacations Club (HGVC) has opened its first timeshare-only vacation property in Europe, Scotland’s Craigendarroch on Deeside, after a $6.2 million renovation.

According to a story on HeraldScotland.com, the 45 bedroom former Hilton Hotel will now become a 32 suite vacation club operation as part of HGVC’s global network of timeshare properties. The hotel had previously been a mixed-use facility hosting both hotel and timeshare guests.

Hilton Scottish TimeshareIn the HeraldScotland.com article, Richard McIntosh, managing director of Europe and the Middle East and Asia for HGVC, said the timeshare concept is “generally recession-resistant as once people have purchased [a share in the property], they continue to use it. The existing timeshare part of this property had around 90% occupancy, whereas in the hotel the figure would have been 70-75%.”

HGVC owners will be able to exchange into the Scotland timeshare property, which expects an ownership breakdown of about 30 percent from Scotland, 40 percent from the rest of Britain and 30 percent from overseas.

Hilton Grand Vacations Club states its membership at around 200,000 and growing at between 15,000 – 16,000 members per year.

The great part is that there are Hilton timeshare properties available on the resale market now at a fraction of the retail price offered through Hilton. The article stated the average week at Craigendarroch selling for £13,000 ($19,900 US) but there are weeks available for $4,000 on the BuyaTimeshare.com website right now. For more information, please click here.