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El Cid Vacation Club Raises Prices December 31, 2013

Posted by Steve Luba in : Mexico timeshare, News & Events , trackback

At least you have to give them credit for being bold.

El Cid Vacation Club, based in Mazatlan, Mexico, sent out a press release announcing to the world that they are raising their membership prices 6.5% next year. Their release states that:

El Cid“El Cid Vacations Club is announcing a 6.5% price increase across the board on all ECVC memberships. Existing members are pleased to learn about the price increase, as it adds even more value to their incredible memberships with El Cid Vacations Club.”

First time I’ve heard of a timeshare club member happy about a price increase. Oops, I forgot, they don’t like to use the “T” word. In case you haven’t noticed, they are all vacation clubs or vacation ownership destinations now – not timeshares.


Whatever they call themselves, I wonder how they know that their existing members are “pleased to learn about the price increase.” Did they conduct a survey asking them their views on this? Plus, the language seems a bit vague about exactly who will be seeing the increase – new customers or all members, including existing members. I assume that this is just for new members purchasing in 2014 and the message is that, because the product costs more, it holds more value and, thus, is why existing members would be pleased. However, you know what happens when you assume …..

El Cid has six resorts in Mexico spread across Mazatlan, Cancun/Riveria Maya and Cozumel, plus resorts in the U.K., Spain and Portugal, and has plans for expansion. To be fair, they do have a very good product and these are excellent vacation destinations. Plus, timeshare (or however they want to brand the product), is an excellent vacation accommodation option.

However, they said that the reason for their price hike was “due to the high demand experienced at the sales centers for the El Cid Vacations Club memberships.” Really? Is Mexico doing that much better than the U.S., which has its average timeshare interval price essentially at 2006 levels and which grew only 1.7% on average last year.

I had to laugh when I wondered if all those extra members mean that they’ll lower their maintenance fees. With all those added members, of course they could spread the annual maintenance costs of the resorts across everyone and bring down the per-member fees.

Not likely.

But members can rest assured that they “are more satisfied than ever before with the vacation opportunities they have through this incredible vacation club.”

After all, “there is no better place to vacation in Mazatlán, Cancún/Riviera Maya or Cozumel than at El Cid Resorts.”

Even if they do say so themselves.

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