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Posted by Steve Luba in : online dating love stories, , comments closed is proud to celebrate its 15th year in business this week – a major milestone in an industry that has seen its share of challenges over the years.

Wes Kogelman

Wes Kogelman

Beginning with an idea while studying as an undergraduate student at the University of Tampa, president and CEO Wesley Kogelman decided in 2000 to create an online marketplace where timeshare owners could easily connect with buyers and renters online to facilitate transactions.

Coinciding with the rapid impact Google had on the growth of online search, Wes became a pioneer in the online timeshare resale industry, having begun his business prior to all of his current major competitors. It is the experience over the past 15 years which has translated into the success the company has enjoyed.

“We saw early on the effect Google was having on the internet and how search would change the exchange of information,” Kogelman said. “There was a pent-up market of timeshare sellers and buyers who had no way to interact, except by traditional newspapers or local real estate offices, and the internet became the great equalizer where owners could transact directly with buyers and renters.”

“Timeshare resales has evolved beyond the corner real estate shop-front into a major driver of the overall timeshare industry. A study by the American Resort Development Association estimated that nearly one-third of all timeshare sales take place through the resale market, which legitimizes timeshare resales as an important sector of the business,” added Kogelman.

This past year has seen significant progress for, with the launch of the newly designed website in Q4 which incorporated dynamic technology, allowing the site to be properly displayed on any device whether it is mobile, desktop or laptop. The company also now offers resale financing options for timeshare buyers who live in the U.S. or Canada.

The company became the only timeshare resale company to be endorsed by the world’s two most influential, independent timeshare owners associations, the National Timeshare Owners Association and U.K.-based TATOC, the Timeshare Association. In addition, Wes Kogelman became a coveted ARDA Trustee member, was elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Resort Development Association and invited onto the NTOA Advisory Board.

With over $181 million in confirmed, documented buyer and rental offers generated for advertisers over the past two years alone, the online platform has proven its effectiveness over the last 15 years. For more information about, please visit or phone 800-882-0296.