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boise dating service September 28, 2013

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A timeshare resale study released by the ARDA International Foundation has revealed considerable satisfaction levels among timeshare resale buyers and sellers, demonstrating the legitimacy of the timeshare secondary market according to BuyaTimeshare.com president and CEO Wesley Kogelman.

ARDA logoThe study, titled Shared Vacation Ownership: Resale Study 2013 Edition and commissioned by the educational foundation of the American Resort Development Association, reports that 80 percent of recent buyers surveyed who purchased timeshare on the secondary market were highly satisfied with their experience. Buyer’s satisfaction with the professionalism of resale operators was at 85 percent.

On the seller’s side, 75 percent of recent sellers surveyed were overall satisfied with their resale company.

“These numbers clearly state that the owners and buyers using the resale market are pleased with their experience, which contradicts the negativity often presented in the media regarding resale activity,” said Kogelman. “The report added that legitimate resale businesses have improved their services over the past three years, leading to greater customer satisfaction, and we are very pleased to see this side of the story being told.”

“ARDA has worked very hard to obtain the information necessary to portray the vacation ownership secondary market in an accurate light and we are very grateful for their efforts. We continue to work with them to ensure that a balanced discussion takes place regarding resales,” Kogelman added.

The report added that resale companies are doing a very professional job within both the buying and selling processes, with recent buyers stating that resale companies beat out developers by a 7:1 ratio in terms of offering the best price for a timeshare. Buyers also said resale companies hold an advantage in having the best terms and negotiating the best terms for a purchase.

For more information about the timeshare resale market, please visit http://buyatimeshare.com and to have access to the full study, please visit the ARDA website at http://arda.org.

International Timeshare Appreciation Day Is Fast Approaching September 25, 2013

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The following is a guest blog from Lisa Ann Schreier, newly appointed Executive Director of the National Timeshare Owners Association and author of Timeshares for Dummies:

There’s still time for the timeshare community and happy timeshare owners to get involved in the second annual International Timeshare Appreciation Day, slated for November 1st.

I started ITAD in 2012 because I wanted to create some buzz about a product that has been grossly misunderstood.  While I understand the need to change some things about the product, I wanted to provide an unscripted platform where owners could share their stories about timeshare.

Lisa Ann SchreierI reached out to a few organizations that I thought would be great partners in getting the word out and for the most part, they were delighted to pitch in.  A few companies promised their support early on but mysteriously dropped out with no explanation.  At first, I was angry by their lack of participation, but I quickly learned that there were a plenty of organization in the timeshare community that understood and supported this celebration, so I simply focused on them and was delighted with the outcome.

Everyone knows their own business and their own clients better than I do, so I don’t tell any organization how to get the word out about International Timeshare Appreciation Day.  I’m happy to write articles, blogs and blurbs if I’m asked.

There is a Facebook page which has close to 1,000 “likes” and a designated Twitter hashtag of #YES2TIMESHARE.  Both the Facebook page and the Twitter feed are monitored daily.

I’m floored with the responses.  Some resorts ran essay contests, some management companies got the word out on their home pages and at least one exchange company, Dial An Exchange, really got the word out and the results were incredible.

This year will prove to be even better.  As more companies investigated and discovered that there really was no cost and I had no ulterior motive, they’ve decided to participate this year.

I do hope to get more responses in from US timeshare owners and US based timeshare companies.  As gratifying as it was to read the stories from timeshare owners in the UK, Malta and Australia (thanks in large part to DAE, Azure Resorts and TATOC grasping the importance of the celebration), the larger timeshare companies in the US have been hesitant to join in for reasons that only they know.

Since I was recently appointed Executive Director of the National Timeshare Owners Association, I’m delighted to have a new platform to partner with.  The Advisory Committee is fully behind NTOA’s participation in ITAD.

Timeshare owners and those within the timeshare industry alike can share their stories, photos and videos on Twitter using the official hashtag of YES2TIMESHARE and on the official International Timeshare Appreciation Day Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/InternationalTimeshareAppreciationDay.  I’m very much looking forward to hearing from owners and the community alike.


Financial Report From Timeshare Developer Diamond Resorts Shows Flaws In System August 16, 2013

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It all depends on how you look at it. Whether you’re looking from an industry perspective or a consumer perspective, the timeshare industry can present a very different look based on your point of view.

In reading through the second quarter financial report from Diamond Resorts, it is apparent that their IPO from last month is having an impact on how they present their message. From an industry perspective, it’s a very rosy picture with major indicators all up. Total revenue, sales, tours generated and price are all up, which is a consistent theme among the big brand timeshare developers during this reporting season.

The growth numbers are impressive but need to be viewed in light of recent acquisitions this year. Even so, a 43 percent jump in total revenue is more than just pocket change at a time when the global economy is sputtering along.

Long live tourism! And the discretionary spending that it brings.

But from a consumer perspective, there are the standard flash points that need to be checked and have been a point of emphasis for years with this industry.

Diamond's Cypress Pointe Grand Villas

Diamond’s Cypress Pointe Grande Villas

Diamond reported that their average transaction price went up nearly 30 percent to just over $16,000. Good news for the developer – bad news for the consumer. Their reasoning? Because of selling larger points packages and higher sales to new customers rather than existing owners.

So let me see if I have this straight. Their sales went up because new owners need to buy more points (the Monopoly money-type value of which is arbitrarily determined by the developer) and because Diamond can essentially set the bar for prices.

Nice … for the developer. For the new consumer, not so much.

(Editors Note: I understand that the averages can be skewed based on the existing consumer to new consumer ratio – with new buyers needing larger points packages as an entry point compared to an existing owner topping up their totals. Thanks to the reader who reminded me of this – you know who you are. But as the economy rebounds, what is stopping the developer from changing the goal posts so owners find themselves needing to buy more points each year?)

This isn’t to say that the product isn’t worth it. The value of any product is determined by those who are willing to pay for it and, to be fair, their average price is about $4,000 less than the average overall price of an interval industry-wide. But there are better ways to buy in than this.

Especially when you look at their sales and marketing expenses, the amount of overhead that went into generating that sale in the first place. Diamond says it is 50.7 percent of the overall price, and they clapped their hands because it’s down from 57 percent at this time last year. Which means that out of that $16,000 price tag, $8,000 is going to pay for expenses – which is your money.

Owners often wonder why the timeshare prices on the resale market seem depressed, but this is the major reason why. Think in terms of car sales – the new car purchase covers marketing and commissions and the used cars are significantly less on the resale market. Same with timeshare.

Again, this isn’t a knock on the developer, it’s just that there is a better way to buy timeshare than through the developer. And that’s online through sites such as ours. There is a Diamond Resorts Grande Villas unit in Orlando on our site right now for $5,999, but people need to know that the option exists and many don’t until they are already exposed to the product.

The good news for consumers is that Diamond only closes about 13 percent of their toured customers, which means 87 percent walk away from the resort without purchasing on the spot. Research supported by the American Resort Development Association not only shows that 32 percent of all timeshare sales occur through the resale channel (up from 17 percent in 2010), but that the number of people attending sales presentations has decreased. This would indicate that those buyers, once they have toured, are looking at other purchase channels other than through the “for today only” atmosphere created at the resort.

Again, the more awareness created about the savings through buying timeshare on the resale market, the better.

BuyATimeshare.com Extends Online Contract Verification Program July 26, 2013

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BuyaTimeshare.com, the online leader in connecting timeshare owners with prospective buyers and renters, announces the expansion of its online contract verification program to include all timeshare owners who agree to advertise their timeshare for sale or rent on the company’s website. The move is an extension of its current program implemented for Florida-based timeshares and Florida residents, which resulted from new regulatory requirements in the state of Florida requiring a signed contract from consumers seeking to advertise a Florida-based timeshare for sale.

Wes headshot new 7-13

Wesley Kogelman

The process involves an online contract, stipulating the terms and conditions for advertising a timeshare for sale or rent on the company’s website, which is sent through an email link to an owner looking to advertise. The owner clicks onto the link, opens the contract, creates an online signature, signs the contract and authorizes the agreement; providing the regulatory compliance required under Florida law.

The program has been so successful that BuyaTimeshare.com has decided to extend it to all advertisers worldwide regardless of where their timeshare is located.

“Obtaining a signed agreement from a potential advertiser has always been a hot topic in the timeshare resale sector and is one of the primary criteria which separates the legitimate operators from the shady ones,” said Wesley Kogelman, president and CEO, BuyaTimeshare.com. “In conjunction with the American Resort Development Association, Florida led the country in legislating this requirement to protect consumers and it has worked so well for us that we wanted to extend this to all of our clients.”

The procedure is conducted in real-time between the consumer and a company account executive, who walks the timeshare owner through the process. The email with the link is sent to the owner, who reads through the agreement while the account executive is on the phone with them in case they have any questions. Only after the contract is signed by the owner does the process continue towards payment of the advertisement.

“We initially developed the process before Florida made it mandatory. At first, our staff was hesitant because they didn’t know how it would affect us but it has been so successful that we saw the need to expand it,” Kogelman added. “Other states are discussing similar legislation. Colorado has just enacted it and it’s being reviewed in South Carolina and Massachusetts, so it’s just a matter of time before it is required across the country. That said, we have also extended this to our international advertisers as well.”

BuyaTimeshare.com is also the only for sale by-owner advertising company which discloses advertised timeshares which have sold, also in accordance with Florida law, so for more information about advertising timeshares for sale or for rent, visit http://buyatimeshare.com .

BuyATimeshare.com Joins CHaD for the 2013 Battle of the Badges March 8, 2013

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BuyATimeshare.com donates $2500 to the 2013 Battle of the Badges. A fundraiser for CHaD, The Battle of the Badges has returned to Manchester for another exciting game. It’s become an annual event that has raised nearly $1 million for the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth.

For the sixth year in a row firefighters and police officers are facing-off in a spectacular hockey championship. And as CHaD is New Hampshire’s only full care children’s hospital, it’s definitely a game worth checking out. And you can help bring the Battle of the Badges closer to its $1 million goal.

This year, instead of Firemen vs. Police, the all-star hockey championship will be a battle between East and West; each team will feature both firefighters and policemen. The Battle of the Badges has been raising money for services and patient programs at CHaD for nearly a decade. And BuyATimeshare.com has been part of the action for 3 years in a row.

With the NHL Hockey season in full swing it must be time for the 2013 Battle of the Badges!

Along with a $2500 cash donation to the kids at CHaD, BuyATimeshare.com will be hosting an event at Margarita’s Restaurant in Manchester on Saturday, March 16. Afterwards you can find everyone at the Verizon Wireless Arena for the exciting Battle of the Badges All-Star Hockey Championship. Game time is at 5:00pm. Tickets are only $10 at the door and all proceeds go toward patient programs and services for kids.

Last year’s game the NH Police Team won 4-2. This ties the overall series 2-2. And this year, the rivalry returns! New Hampshire firefighters and police from across the state will bring their passion and skills to the Verizon Center. Join BuyATimeshare.com and help raise some money for this year’s Battle of the Badges All-Star Hockey Championship. BuyATimeshare.com will be warming up with a fundraiser at Margarita’s Restaurant at 3:30 PM. So, if you’re looking for an exciting local event in New Hampshire, tickets are only $10.

CHaD Battle of the Badges 2013 Hockey Championship

GNEX Conference and The Secondary Timeshare Market February 9, 2013

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Wesley Kogelman makes his third appearance to Perspective Magazine’s annual GNEX gala.

And what better place to share his ideas about the future of the secondary timeshare market? This year’s Global Networking Expo (GNEX) gathered the timeshare industry’s top minds.

gnexBuyATimeshare.com President, Kogelman has been able to discuss the state of the industry and the latest developments in timesharing. Icons like David Seigel, President of Westgate Resorts and Howard Nusbaum, President of ARDA shared some invaluable information about the vacation ownership business.

Refreshments and revelry were sponsored by recognized companies like Interval International, Dial An Exchange and Oombaga, an application that helps owners pay maintenance fees and make reservations with their timeshare. But the event was more than just a Super Bowl party and luncheons on Rodeo Drive. The Speed Networking session provided an opportunity for attendees to meet with dozens of other company executives.

Nusbaum and the Secondary Timeshare Market

Nusbaum presented global research on current consumer trends in timesharing. Along with some of the challenges facing the vacation ownership business, Nusbaum shared his perspective on future opportunities. This included the secondary timeshare market as a way to help consumer vacation better. “I’m fully committed to working with the secondary market to find the best strategies to help our owners, it’s our responsibility” explains Nusbaum. As a positive solution for timeshare buyers, 20% of new owners purchased their properties on the secondary timeshare market.

gnexEvery year Perspective Magazine puts on the GNEX timeshare convention to gather the industry’s top minds. With the purpose of improving the vacation ownership business, GNEX works for resort developers and consumers. And with experts like Howard Nusbaum pushing for the resale market, the future of timesharing looks a lot less expensive for vacationers. Do you have ideas that would change the timeshare market for the better? Share your comments below.

3 Ways BuyATimeshare.com Customer Service has Increased Customer Loyalty February 5, 2013

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In an effort to make owning a timeshare convenient and fun again, BuyATimeshare.com customer service has made buying and selling a timeshare easy and convenient. The result? Customer loyalty has increased by 66% from the previous year.

“We have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in years, while continuing to increase traffic from buyers and renters to our advertisers”

“It’s our company’s focus on the customer that has set us apart from the competition,” said Wesley Kogelman, President and CEO of BuyATimeshare.com. “We have achieved the highest levels of customer satisfaction in years. While continuing to increase traffic from buyers and renters, we are proud to report that customer loyalty has increased by 66%.”

Customer Service—providing a higher level of care to its consumers, BuyATimeshare.com remains the leading internet advertising and marketing company. Along with increasing the number of customer service representatives that reach out to customers on a daily basis, BuyATimeshare.com has rolled out its Online User Account to increase customer engagement.

Online User Account—BuyATimeshare.com is one of the only timeshare resale companies to provide its customers with a way to access their ads, manage offers, view analytics and ask questions, all from their PC or mobile device. For timeshare buyers and renters, BuyATimeshare.com’s own Timeshare Pulse program has helped keep users informed.

Timeshare Pulse—strengthening the customer base of Buy A Timeshare.com, Timeshare Pulse allows the consumer to get the information they need without having to return to the website and conduct the same searches over and over again. This innovative program alerts the user whenever a timeshare is available at a specific resort, during a certain week, or for a price range of their choice.

“Reaching out to current customers has helped our staff answer any questions or concerns they might have,” Kogelman explains. “By making our staff more accessible both online and off, and we can provide the kind of innovative, customer-oriented experience that BuyATimeshare.com is known for.” The company has also announced that Wesley Kogelman will be attending the 3rd Annual GNEX conference, February 3-6, 2013, in Beverly Hills, California.

BuyATimeshare.com has pioneered the secondary timeshare market for internet advertising that helps match owners who seek to sell or rent their timeshare. How was your timeshare resale experience? For more information on how sell a timeshare from the convenience of home, please visit http://www.buyATimeshare.com or call 1-800-882-0296 today.

GNEX Conference 2013, Wesley Kogelman Is Scheduled to Attend January 30, 2013

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Wesley Kogelman, president and founder of BuyATimeshare.com, is scheduled to attend Perspective Magazine’s GNEX Conference 2013—The Global Meeting of Minds.

GNEX Conference 2013BuyATimeshare.com has announced that its founder and president Wesley Kogelman will be attending the 3rd Annual Global Networking Expo (GNEX Conference 2013 – The Global Meeting of Minds) in Beverly Hills, CA.

Kogelman, who has been part of the timeshare resale industry for over a decade, will be sharing his experiences and building relationships with presidents and top executives from companies across 6 continents.

Kogelman’s company has been successful in presenting offers to owners promoting their timeshare on BuyATimeshare.com. For timeshare owners who are looking to sell or rent their timeshare, BuyATimeshare.com has remained a pioneer in by-owner advertising and marketing online.

Due to the industry leading, technological advances made by the company’s website, offers made on the resale market were nearly 50% off the average price of a new timeshare interval. This remains an excellent value for vacationers that are seeking ways to save money when they travel.

Wesley Kogelman explains the importance of this Global Networking Expo. “GNEX provides a great opportunity for the industry’s brightest minds to share their experiences. This meeting of CEOs and decision makers creates an open forum for people to better understand the issues facing the shared ownership marketplace.” Kogelman has attended every GNEX event over the past 3 years.

This year’s gathering provides a chance for senior executives to tackle issues and draw knowledge from distinguished speakers like ARDA President and CEO Howard Nusbaum, Westgate President David A. Siegel, and RCI President Gordon Gurnik.

Scheduled for Feb. 3 – 6, 2013 at The Beverly Wilshire in Beverly Hills, CA, the GNEX Conference 2013 is the only professional networking event for the vacation ownership industry.

Perspective Magazine will be kicking off the conference with a VIP Super Bowl Party. Along with the always popular speed networking events is Perspective Magazine’s Awards Gala Dinner. The Hollywood-themed bash will recognize nominees for global recognition across more than 30 categories.

Sponsors and supporters of GNEX Conference 2013 include:
Anantara Vacation Club, Baker Hostetler, Blue Strawberry Resorts, Brand Tango, daelive.com, Emirates Vacation Club, Global Connections, Gold Key Resorts, Holiday Systems International, Interval International, Leisure Logistics, Lloydshare, Macdonald Hotels & Resorts, Perspective Magazine, Ragatz Associates, RCI, Resort Television, The Association for Timeshare Owners Committees (TATOC), Track Results Software, Trade Winds, Wells Fargo, Westgate Resorts, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, The American Resorts Development Association (ARDA), Hutchinson & Co Trust Company, ResortCom International, Yucatan Holidays.

About BuyATimeshare.com
BuyATimeshare.com is an internet advertising and marketing company for timeshare owners who seek to sell or rent timeshare by-owner. The company has been in business since 2000 and was ranked by Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing, privately held companies in the country—making the prestigious Inc. 5000 list in 2010 and 2011. BuyATimeshare.com was also listed as one of BusinessNH Magazine’s Top 10 Companies to Watch in 2009 and the company also operates Timeshare Pulse, an innovative program designed to help buyers and renters find the timeshare vacation of their dreams. For more information, please visit http://www.buyATimeshare.com or call 1-800-882-0296.

Top New Year Destinations from Lonely Planets 2013 Travel Guide December 31, 2012

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Eastern Sierra, California

Have you already started to plan your 2013 vacation? Consider some unlikely spots recommended by Lonely Planets 2013 Travel Guide. Lonely Planet’s Top 10 U.S. Destinations for 2013 gives us a glimpse into an eclectic collection of American hotspots.

At BuyATimeshare.com, we are always trying to help you find the most affordable ways to travel in style. With timeshares in nearly every state mentioned on LP’s Elite Top 10, BuyATimeshare.com has front row tickets to the cities and towns that have made Lonely Planets Travel Guide 2013 so unique.

Find a Vacation and Save Money for 2013

Would you like to vacation near Glacier National Park? Save time and thousands of dollars when you purchase or simply rent a timeshare directly from an owner. The resale market has been matching sellers with buyers for over a decade.

So, why stay in a cramped hotel? The whole family can enjoy a spacious resort suite for the entire week. Explore the historic streets of Philadelphia, or ride your bike around the Twin Cities of Minnesota. BuyATimeshare.com is your ticket to the San Juan Island, Verde Valley, Arizona and the brisk mountains of Northern Maine.

Lonely Planet shares the world’s top locations through the eyes of their travel experts. With advice that speaks to the discerning traveler, and unbeatable timeshare deals, start planning your 2013 tour of the United States. Find an affordable suite before the crowds catch on. High marks from Lonely Planet mean a valuable boost in tourism. So beat the crowds and make a resolution to experience the beautiful world we live in.

Top 10 from Lonely Planets 2013 Travel Guide:

1. Louisville, Kentucky
2. Fairbanks, Alaska
3. San Juan Islands, Washington
4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
5. America Samoa
6. Eastern Sierra, California
7. Northern Maine
8. Twin Cities, Minnesota
9. Verde Valley, Arizona
10. Glacier National Park, Montana

American Samoa

Lonely planet is the world’s top travel guidebook and digital media publisher in the world. So, do you plan on vacationing over the New Year? Do you have the perfect spot picked out for 2013?

If not, BuyATimeshare.com is here to help you find the lowest prices on resort vacations. Start your search with Lonely Planets 2013 Travel Guide and experience America’s favorite spots with the convenience of timeshare resales.

From everyone at BuyATimeshare.com, have a Happy New Year!

BuyATimeshare.com Donates Toys to Harbor Homes and the Partnership for Successful Living December 17, 2012

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In an effort to spread Christmas cheer, BuyATimeshare.com has delivered toys to kids living in Harbor Homes housing.

BuyATimeshare.com, the online leader for timeshare owners looking to sell or rent their timeshares, has teamed up with Harbor Homes, Inc. to provide Christmas Presents for children staying at its High Street location in Nashua.

Harbor Homes, Inc., the New Hampshire-based, an official non-profit 501(c)3 organization, has been dedicated to ending homelessness in New Hampshire since 1980. With 90 kids living at various Harbor Homes supported facilities, BuyATimeshare.com saw a chance to brighten the holidays for families struggling with unemployment and homelessness.

 BuyATimeshare.com Christmas Tree for Harbor Homes KidsNearly everyone in the office has donated items from each child’s Christmas List. On December 17, 2012 a truckload of dolls, games, books, Matchbox cars and gift certificates were delivered to the children of Harbor Homes. This charitable organization goes beyond providing food, shelter, and basic needs. The program also provides support services to help get families back on their feet and to sustain a healthy and independent lifestyle.

Wesley Kogelman, president and CEO of BuyATimeshare.com was excited to see so many gifts under the company Christmas tree. “This was a great opportunity for BuyATimeshare.com to help businesses like Harbor Homes provide a great holiday for New Hampshire families. In this season of charity and goodwill I was proud to see the whole office join together like they did. When the announcement was made that we were taking donations, everyone wanted to be matched with a kid on the list.”

Jocelyn delivers toys to Harbor Homes CEO Peter KelleherIn 2010 and 2011 BuyATimeshare.com successfully hosted food drives for the Nashua Food Pantry and The New Hampshire Food bank in Manchester. While this was the first time working with Harbor Homes Inc, BuyATimeshare.com is looking forward to making this an annual event for the Christmas Season.

If you would like to participate, contact us today at 800-882-0296 or contact Harbor Homes at hope@harborhomes.org.