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The National Timeshare Owners Association (, the largest timeshare owners association in North America, has released details of their upcoming regional meeting which will be held on Sunday, February 8th 2014 in Central Florida.

National Timeshare Owners AssociationThis meeting is included with NTOA membership however is open to all timeshare owners (non-members) for a nominal fee. Space is limited and reservations are required in advance. Guest speakers will include Dennis DiTinno, President of Liberte Management Company, Wes Kogelman, CRDA Board Member and President of and Michael Burns, President of covering topics on HOA, Resale and Rental along with other related issues important to owners.

Representatives from Dial An Exchange, RCI and RTX will be on hand to assist members with exchange questions. In addition, Fast, Park and Relax and Vacation Guard, will be showcasing their programs which are part of the annual NTOA member benefit package.

Gregory Crist and Wes Sattenfield, the NTOA’s President and Vice President will be speaking about current and future legislative issues impacting the timeshare community and sharing a recap of the major accomplishments of the association over the past year. Other NTOA Staff and Advisors will also share information about the improved Member Portal as well as explain how to use the NTOA Help Desk (1-844-ASK-NTOA).  In addition, there will be a presentation on the dangers involved in using some of the timeshare donation and transfer firms that are aggressively soliciting timeshare owners.

This Regional Meeting in Florida sells out each year, so early reservations are recommended. Come prepared to have fun and be educated on timeshare issues. There will be generous time allotted for guest questions and participation. Prizes and gifts will wrap up each session and refreshments will be served.

RSVPs can be made by e-mailing or by calling 727.502.6877 Extension 1001.

National Timeshare Owners Association Appoints Wesley Kogelman to Advisory Board November 9, 2014

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The National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) has appointed CEO Wesley Kogelman to its Advisory Board, as the group continues to expand its influence in the timeshare industry.

The Advisory Board was created to spark fresh ideas and bring a broader knowledge of the timeshare industry to the organization following a management restructure and the appointment of Gregory Crist as Chairman and CEO.

Wes Kogelman

Wes Kogelman

“We are delighted to welcome Wes onto our Advisory Board as we continue to grow the association and look to industry leaders to help us transform the requests of timeshare owners into improvements throughout the industry,” said Crist.

Kogelman was recently elected to the Board of Directors of the Canadian Resort Development Association and is a Trustee Member of the American Resort Development Association. is the only resale company to be recommended by the two most prominent independent timeshare owners associations in the world, the NTOA and U.K.-based TATOC, the timeshare association.

“Greg and his team at the NTOA have worked hard to position the group as the leading voice of timeshare owners in North America, and I am very pleased to be able to help them navigate the issues affecting the resale industry,” said Kogelman.

“After nearly 15 years in the online resale world, and with the recent launch of our mobile web platform, I can discuss the impact that technology is having on the industry and advise the association about embracing new technology moving forward,” added Kogelman.

The NTOA is working closely with industry and community partners to develop a multi-media internet education center. In combination with its five regional member meetings, the association is investing in modern technology and educational programming along with great discounts on travel and related services from trusted and verified resource partners. The organization represents the voice of timeshare owners across the United States and Canada and is making a difference in preserving and protecting owner rights and well as promoting the benefits of timesharing in a positive way.

To find out more about the NTOA, please visit

National Timeshare Owners Ramps Up Outreach Efforts Through New Helpline April 22, 2014

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The National Timeshare Owners Association ( has announced a new toll-free consumer helpline (1-844-ASK-NTOA) which, along with their existing Feedback Page, will allow consumers to access the Association for assistance with timeshare related issues and provide feedback on great experiences.

National Timeshare Owners Association“The timeshare industry touches thousands of people each and every day. Those combined touch points are incredibly valuable to the NTOA as we strive to shine a light on some of the great aspects of the industry as well as identify potential areas of concern to owners,” says Greg Crist, President and CEO, NTOA.

The association is seeking input on the following areas: Fraudulent Resale Activity, Transfer and Donation Scams, Usage / Booking Issues, Sales and Marketing, Exchange, HOA, and other general ownership matters. Consumers need not be current NTOA members and may remain anonymous if they wish. This data will be compiled and used to steer future NTOA activities and strategies, including awarding of the association’s annual Consumer Protection and Exceptional Customer Service awards which in 2013 went to the Washington State Attorney General’s Office and Summer Bay Resorts, respectively.

“Our association is the largest of its kind in North America and we want our members and community to know that we are listening and working on issues that are of paramount importance to them, not on what we deem important,” concluded Crist.

The helpline number is 1-844-ASK-NTOA (1-844-275-6862) and the feedback page can be accessed at

National Timeshare Owners Association Partners with December 13, 2013

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The National Timeshare Owners Association (NTOA) has announced the formation of a strategic alliance with CEO Wes Kogelman, who recently became a member of the American Resort Development Association’s prestigious Chairman’s League. The agreement will involve three timeshare resale platforms, all affiliated with Mr. Kogelman as he continues to create viable resale options for timeshare owners looking for buyers and renters.

NTOA-Circle-logo“While the NTOA remains firm in our objectives to advocate, share information and encourage timeshare usage, we clearly see the need that some timeshare owners have to sell their interests,” Lisa Ann Schreier, the Association’s Executive Director, said in a statement. “We cast our net to see who not only met the legal requirements, but understood and appreciated the trusted relationship that the NTOA has earned with its members and all timeshare owners for nearly 20 years. Mr. Kogelman and his companies were a perfect fit.”

Mr. Kogelman, who is also affiliated with the brokerages and Timeshare Broker Associates, has 14 years’ experience in the timeshare resale industry. He is widely considered an industry innovator and said “Customer service and providing a transparent option to successfully buy and sell timeshare on the resale market is at the heart of our business model,” adding “the NTOA has a proven track record of helping to educate timeshare owners and prospective owners and I agree with their motto that an educated timeshare owner is a happy timeshare owner.”

“There’s been entirely too much ‘chatter’ about people desperate to sell their timeshare, which is not indicative of the average timeshare owner,” added Greg Crist, the association’s CEO. “All three of these platforms present an excellent opportunity for educated consumers to buy timeshare and enjoy the quality of vacations that timeshare affords them.”

The NTOA will institute a referral program with all three timeshare resale platforms, with NTOA members having access to personnel to assist with any questions or concerns regarding the buying or selling process. For more information about the NTOA, please visit

The National Timeshare Owners Association Celebrates The Second Annual International Timeshare Appreciation Day November 1, 2013

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Today marks the second annual International Timeshare Appreciation Day. It began from a simple idea to “celebrate all that is good about timeshare.” The observance is the brainchild of Lisa Ann Schreier. She is the founder of the educational and consulting site Timeshare Insights ( and she was recently appointed the Executive Director of the National Timeshare Owners Association (

NTOA-Circle-logo“While I will be the first to admit that there are areas in the timeshare industry that need to be appropriately addressed specifically in tour marketing, sales and consumer education, timeshare has provided superior vacation experiences to millions of owners and has many, honest, hard-working professionals who are working for “change.” All I want to do is bring some of the really good stories to light” said Schreier.

International Timeshare Appreciation Day has both a dedicated Facebook page ( and official Twitter hash tag of #YES2TIMESHARE. In addition to almost 1,000 individual owners taking part, many forward thinking timeshare resorts and organizations such as Dial An Exchange, Azure Resorts, Lehigh Resort Club, Lake Forest Resort, TATOC, BuyATimeshare, the National Timeshare Owners Association, Timeshare Advisor and the Alderwood Group are also participating. The UK resale organization Confused About Timeshare even made a You Tube video to commemorate the occasion (

On top of sharing great timeshare vacation stories with owners from around the world, this year the celebration is highlighting examples of superior customer service and consumer protection.

The National Timeshare Owners Association recently presented its prestigious 2013 Customer Service Award to the staff and management of Summer Bay Resort in Florida. Their staff demonstrated the true meaning of hospitality during and after, a rare natural occurrence damaged a building on the grounds, impacting hundreds of timeshare owners

The association presented the Washington State Attorney General’s Office with the 2013 National Consumer Protection Award for their hard work and dedication in successfully prosecuting a “scam” resale company. Their follow up resulted in more than $1 million returned to affected timeshare owners.

In addition, the NTOA today officially announced its strategic partnership with TATOC ( the largest consumer association for timeshare owners in Europe.

International Timeshare Appreciation Day Is Fast Approaching September 25, 2013

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The following is a guest blog from Lisa Ann Schreier, newly appointed Executive Director of the National Timeshare Owners Association and author of Timeshares for Dummies:

There’s still time for the timeshare community and happy timeshare owners to get involved in the second annual International Timeshare Appreciation Day, slated for November 1st.

I started ITAD in 2012 because I wanted to create some buzz about a product that has been grossly misunderstood.  While I understand the need to change some things about the product, I wanted to provide an unscripted platform where owners could share their stories about timeshare.

Lisa Ann SchreierI reached out to a few organizations that I thought would be great partners in getting the word out and for the most part, they were delighted to pitch in.  A few companies promised their support early on but mysteriously dropped out with no explanation.  At first, I was angry by their lack of participation, but I quickly learned that there were a plenty of organization in the timeshare community that understood and supported this celebration, so I simply focused on them and was delighted with the outcome.

Everyone knows their own business and their own clients better than I do, so I don’t tell any organization how to get the word out about International Timeshare Appreciation Day.  I’m happy to write articles, blogs and blurbs if I’m asked.

There is a Facebook page which has close to 1,000 “likes” and a designated Twitter hashtag of #YES2TIMESHARE.  Both the Facebook page and the Twitter feed are monitored daily.

I’m floored with the responses.  Some resorts ran essay contests, some management companies got the word out on their home pages and at least one exchange company, Dial An Exchange, really got the word out and the results were incredible.

This year will prove to be even better.  As more companies investigated and discovered that there really was no cost and I had no ulterior motive, they’ve decided to participate this year.

I do hope to get more responses in from US timeshare owners and US based timeshare companies.  As gratifying as it was to read the stories from timeshare owners in the UK, Malta and Australia (thanks in large part to DAE, Azure Resorts and TATOC grasping the importance of the celebration), the larger timeshare companies in the US have been hesitant to join in for reasons that only they know.

Since I was recently appointed Executive Director of the National Timeshare Owners Association, I’m delighted to have a new platform to partner with.  The Advisory Committee is fully behind NTOA’s participation in ITAD.

Timeshare owners and those within the timeshare industry alike can share their stories, photos and videos on Twitter using the official hashtag of YES2TIMESHARE and on the official International Timeshare Appreciation Day Facebook page,  I’m very much looking forward to hearing from owners and the community alike.